Finding equilibrium price and quantity using demand and supply equations

Now that you’ve mastered demand and supply equations, it’s time to put them together to determine the equilibrium price and quantity in a market! This less shows you how to solve for equilibrium price and quantity using linear demand and supply equations.

3 thoughts on “Finding equilibrium price and quantity using demand and supply equations”

  1. I thought it was OneNote. That’s funny though. When I watched the first couple of videos the thought crossed my mind, “It would actually be worth it for me to send him a better mic.”

    The videos, btw, are very helpful. Especially for us that are trained in the more general “humanities” but are not economists by trade.

  2. I use Microsoft OneNote on a Lenovo X220 tablet PC running Windows 7 with a Logitec headset (new addition, as you can tell by the crummy sound quality on the first few videos). The computer and OneNote are the staples of our one-to-one program at my school. Kids all use the same set up to take their own notes in class. I’m using Jing for screen capture and Windows Movie Maker to stitch the clips together.

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