IB Internal Assessment support – single commentary


Internal Assessment support and feedback (single commentary)


This product is for students who want additional support on their IB Economics Internal Assessments.

After signing up for IA support I will email you within a day or two. The process will progress as follows:

  1. Share a Google doc with me that includes links to three potential articles and a brief summary of each article
  2. I will provide advice on which article I think is best
  3. Within a week you will write a first draft (minimum 600 words, maximum 800) including at least one graph.
  4. I will read and provide specific, detailed feedback on how to improve your commentary (using Google docs comment feature)
  5. Within a week of my feedback you may respond with questions (again, using Google docs comment feature), and I will respond to your comments once.
  6. Your final draft can be completed and submitted to your teacher whenever he/she requires.

To take advantage of the full IA support process outlined above, give yourself at least two weeks from the time you sign up for IA support and the due date of your final draft!

If you only wish for me to read and give feedback on a single draft, only two or three days are needed between the time you place your order and your final draft due date.

Why sign up for IA support with Mr. Welker?

As an experienced IB Economics teacher I have successfully supervised thousands of student commentaries. I will provide you with support beyond what you may get from your teacher and help boost your score on this important component of your IB grade!

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