IB Extended Essay Supervision


Extended Essay supervision with face-to-face support and written feedback


This product is for students who require additional support for their IB Economics Extended Essays. Students who sign up for EE support will receive:

  • An initial face to face meeting with Mr. Welker to discuss potential topics and research questions. (30 minutes)
  • Reflection meeting #1: Examples of initial exploration, possible sources & methods, preliminary research questions, personal reaction to issues, research plan (30 minutes)
  • Reflection meeting #2: Raise questions with supervisor, reactions to readings, progress in timeline, possible outline of arguments, setbacks & strategies used to overcome them (30 minutes)
  • Share a first draft (minimum 3,000, maximum 4,000 words in a Google doc) with Mr. Welker and get specific, targeted feedback on the draft.
  • Reflection meeting #3: The “viva voce”. What has been learned, research followed, new questions uncovered, contributes to supervisor’s final report

Approximately 3-5 hours total of meeting and support

Please confirm with your school’s IB coordinator that you are able to have an external EE supervisor before signing up for support.

After completing your order I will contact you to set up an initial meeting.

Documents you’ll need:

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