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Teacher resources

Whether you’re an experienced economics teacher looking to streamline your instruction, or brand new to the subject and want to have the best resources available to kick off your first year in the classroom, my resources will meet your needs. Developed by me, Jason Welker, over 13 years of teaching AP and IB Economics at international schools around the world, the course companions, student exercises, and PowerPoints are written specifically for the learning objectives of the course you’re teaching. I also offer mentoring and coaching for new and experienced teachers looking for someone to collaborate with or to help you get started as you begin a new role as an economics teacher.

Economics course companions

New in the summer of 2018, the course companions provide teachers with a comprehensive yet concise supplement for or alternative to the expensive print texts on the market. Combined with the free video lessons on my YouTube channel and the student exercises available here, the AP and IB course companions are the ultimate tool for flipping your economics class and helping your students achieve mastery of the subject!

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Student exercises with answer keys

The Economics Classroom student exercises cover every topic in the IB course and most in the AP course (not including resource markets and consumer behavior, which will be added soon). Some exercises require research from 3rd party sites (CIA World Factbook, World Bank, Bureau of Labor Statistics, etc.) to provide students with evidence requiring analysis that builds their understanding of Economics. All exercises include detailed answer keys that can be used to grade student work or provided to students to provide formative feedback.

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The PowerPoints cover every section of the AP course and sections 1, 2 and 3 of the IB course (Micro, Macro and International Economics). They can be purchased as a complete set or as individual packages to suite your needs. Follow the links below to learn more about what’s included with each package and to place an order.


Are you a new IB or AP Economics teacher? Or perhaps you are the only teacher of the subject in your school and you just needsomeone to bounce ideas off of and talk “shop”with. I have had the luxury of working alongside great economics teachers over the years, both as a mentee and as a mentor, and I know the value of having a mentor/coach/teaching partner to collaborate with.

Student Resources

Whether you’re a student looking for some class notes to supplement your own notes or you need a deeper level of support, you’ll find what you need here. Sign up for a tutoring session (1-on-1 or with a group of friends), get feedback on one or all of your Econ IA’s, or get the support you need to complete a top level economics extended essay.

Economics class notes

International Baccalaureate (IB®)*

Advanced Placement (AP®)*

Introductory college-level

  • Econ 101: Microeconomics (college level) class notes $25 RETURNING SOON
  • Econ 201: Macroeconomics (college level) class notes $25 RETURNING SOON

IB written tasks supervision/support

Economics tutoring and revision (face-to-face)

Videos – FREE!

My videos have always been and will always be free. I’ve made over 250 video lessons targeting the learning objectives in both the IB Econ and AP Micro/Macro courses. These are best viewed in the playlists I’ve created on my YouTube channel. To get started, follow the link below to the first unit of each course, then click the “subscribe” button to get updates with new videos as they are posted!

IB Economics videos

Section 1 - Microeconomics

Section 2 - Macroeconomics

Section 3 - International Economics

1.0 Introduction to Economics

2.1 Measurement of economic performance

3.1 Free trade and protectionism

1.1 Competitive markets, demand, and supply

2.2 Aggregate demand and aggregate supply

3.2 and 3.3 Exchange rates and the Balance of payments

1.2 Elasticities

2.3 The macroeconomic objectives

3.4 and 3.5 Economic integration and terms of trade

1.3 Government intervention in markets

2.5, 2.6, and 2.7 Fiscal, monetary, and supply-side policies

1.4 Market failure

1.5 Theory of the firm

AP Economics videos

AP Microeconomics

AP Macroeconomics

1 Basic economic concepts

1 Basic economic concepts, supply and demand

2 Supply and demand

2 Macroeconomic indicators and the business cycle

3 Production, costs, and perfect competition

3 Aggregate demand and aggregate supply

4 Imperfect competition

4 Financial sector

5 Factor markets

5 Consequences of fiscal, monetary, and supply-side policies

6 Market failure and the role of government

6 International trade and finance

Let me help you MASTER economics!

Meet the teacher

Jason Welker brings 13 years of classroom experience at international schools in Asia and Europe to teachers and students through The Economics Classroom. His resources have been used by hundreds of teachers and thousands of students around the world to help achieve mastery of the subject since 2007. After an exciting international teaching career, Jason serves as the Economics Content Fellow at Khan Academy before turning his attention to his YouTube channel and the resources available on this site. In addition to the video lessons, practice activities and other resources on this site, Jason has authored several print texts, including Pearson Baccalaureate’s Economics for the IB Diploma and REA’s AP Macroeconomics Crash Course

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