Microeconomics student exercises


A comprehensive library of practice activities with answer keys


Microeconomics Classroom exercises

The Economics Classroom practice activities provide teachers with the perfect tool for formative assessment, and can be assigned either as in-class activities or as homework. They complement the video lectures on my YouTube channel perfectly! Activities will be downloaded as pdfs for digital or print use in your classes. You will also be given links to copy individual exercises and answer keys into your Google Drive for editing. 

These activities provide teachers with a complete, student-centered unit of study for an introductory economics course. External resources are linked from many activities providing data, information, definitions, etc… The activities are best as a complement to support the mastery learning model of instruction in combination with the video lessons on my YouTube channel.

The Microeconomics Classroom set comes with 33 exercises.

1.0 Table of Contents – course and exercise alignment

Sample Micro Activity:

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