IB Economics SL and HL course companion (classroom set for teachers)


A complete set of class notes covering every learning objective in all four sections of the IB Economics SL and HL courses (430 pages)

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This is a complete set of notes for the IB Economics SL and HL student. The newly rewritten notes cover all four sections of the course. Combined with the Economics Classroom video lessons and the Economics Classroom exercises with answer keys, this resource should be all that’s needed to support your teaching and learning in IB Economics HL and SL. Ditch the heavy paper textbooks and flip your classroom to achieve mastery in IB Economics!

IB Econ class notes – table of contents

Sample micro chapter – IB Econ class notes

Sample macro chapter – IB Econ class notes

Sample international trade chapter – IB Econ class notes

Sample development chapter – IB Econ class notes

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