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Complete Set of Economics PowerPoints


PowerPoints covering Macro and International Economics  topics in the AP and IB Economics course. Please select the number of teachers who will be using the PowerPoints before adding to your cart.


Sample microeconomics PowerPoint: 1.5.2 Perfect Competition

Sample macroeconomics PowerPoint: 2.4 Fiscal Policy

The Economics Classroom PowerPoints and cover all the major units of study from an introductory Economics course at the high school or university level. Teachers can use the PowerPoints to structure their lectures and support their use of the “flipped classroom” model of instruction. They are the perfect complement to the Economics Classroom video lessons and practice activities. 

Each PowerPoint includes:

  • Links to free online resources related to every topic from Economics in Plain English and The Economics Classroom

  • Links to video lectures on nearly every topic from the course, which teachers can show their students during lectures or assign for homework

  • Definitions of key terms from an introductory syllabus, along with clear explanations and analysis of every concept from the course.

  • Detailed graphs and diagrams of every concept an introductory student needs to know, all clearly explained using the context of real world examples

  • The newly updated resources provide detailed coverage of the new quantitative components of the IB higher level Economics syllabus, including linear demand and supply equations.

What you get: 19 PointPoints (around 600 slides) including links to 80 video lessons

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Additional information

PowerPoints included

Includes the following sections:

1.0, Introduction to Economics
1.1, Supply, Demand and Market Equilibrium
1.2, Elasticities
1.3, The Role of Government
1.4, Market Failure
1.5.1, Costs of Production
1.5.2, Perfect Competition
1.5.3, Pure Monopoly
1.5.4 and 1.5.5, Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly
1.6, Theory of Consumer Behavior (AP-specific)
1.7, Resource Markets (AP-specific)
2.1, GDP and its Determinants
2.2, Aggregate Demand/Aggregate Supply
2.3, Macroeconomic Objectives
2.4, Fiscal Policy
2.5 – 2.6, Monetary and Supply-side Policies
3.1, Free Trade and Protectionism
3.2, Exchange Rates
3.3, Balance of Payments

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