Class Notes

Notes covering every topic in AP Micro and AP Macro and IB Econ SL and HL

Class notes – IB Economics SL and HL (sections 1-3)


AP Macroeconomics class notes

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This is a complete set of notes for the IB Economics SL and HL classes. The 300 page set includes detailed notes (with plenty of graphs!) on the following topics:

Section 1 Microeconomics:

  1. Basic economic concepts
  2. Competitive markets, demand and supply
  3. Elasticities
  4. Government intervention in markets
  5. Market failure
  6. Costs of production
  7. Perfect competition
  8. Monopoly
  9. Monopolistic competition and oligopoly
  10. Glossary of AP Microeconomics terms

Section 2 Macroeconomics

  1. Basic economic concepts
  2. The measurement of economic performance
  3. Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply
  4. The macroeconomic objective (inflation, unemployment and economic growth)
  5. Fiscal policy
  6. Monetary policy and supply-side policies
  7. Glossary of terms from AP Macroeconomics

Section 3 International Economics

  1. Free trade and protectionism
  2. Exchange rates
  3. Balance of payments

The notes come in .pdf form and serve as a good complement to the videos on this site. Once you’ve ordered your notes you are free to download them and use them as you like.


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